Structural Repairs

Structural issues can have many causes. They may be caused by failed timbers with the building, either due to damp in the walls or simply because they are very old. There may be damage caused by leaking guttering and/or downpipes, or failed or badly-constructed roof details, which have allowed the walls to become damp over many years. Problems can also be caused by the ground on which the building is built or a lack of foundation. It is therefore very important to identify the cause of the issue, and to devise a pragmatic solution before rectifying the damage.

Common signs of structural problems are:

  • Cracking on the outside and inside walls
  • Bulges on the outside walls
  • The top of the wall is leaning outwards (which can be a sign that the roof is failing)
  • Windows no longer opening/closing easily
  • Dropped lintels
  • Doors sticking
  • Bowed ‘banana’ beams

Signs of historic structural issues are:

  • Pattress plates on the outside walls
  • Buttresses

Lime Repair can not only fix all of the above issues, but also provide more appropriate structural and decorative solutions for your property, which will avoid similar problems occurring in the future. If necessary we will engage a Structural Engineer and/or architect to ensure the work is specified correctly and executed to comply with current Building Regulations.

Wrantage – Gable Repair

This double gable wall already had a buttress in place, showing there had been problems in the past. There was a bulge in the wall to the right of the buttress at first floor level. We removed this section of wall on the advice of the Structural Engineer and found the wall had failed due to rotting timbers within.

The buttress was performing its function well but was unsightly, so we removed the cement render, pointed the joints and fitted a stone capping, which not only improves the appearance but also protects it from the weather.

The top right-hand section of wall removed.
The inner skin of the wall is consolidated.
The outer skin of the wall has parted company with the inner.
The wall is propped so no further damage occurs.
Rebuilding the wall with concrete blocks.
Rebuilding complete.
The wall is rendered with lime.
The gable wall complete.

Langport – Structural Repair

The front wall had to be rebuilt.
Where possible the brickwork was consolidated. The props are ensuring no further damage occurs.
Brick replacements have been pointed in and the crack has disappeared.

Ilminster Court – Car Damage

The car pushed the wall inwards.
The interior was damaged exensively.
Propping and rebuilding.
The exterior wall is rebuilt with lime.
The damage has been rectified and the interior wall is plastered with lime.