Structural Repair

Structural issues are normally caused by the rotting of lintels or beams due to wet or very old walls.

If you have any of the following issues your property may have structural problems and you should seek advice from an expert who specialises in old properties.

  • Cracking on the outside and inside walls
  • Bulges on the outside walls
  • The top of the wall is leaning outwards (usually a sign that the roof is failing)
  • Windows no longer opening/closing easily
  • Dropped lintels
  • Doors sticking
  • Bowed ‘banana’ beams
  • Pattress plates on the outside walls (a sign that there have been structural problems in the past)

Many of these problems are due to timber rotting, which is caused by damp (water/water ingress). This weakens and softens the wood, allowing beetles to get in and lay eggs. The larvae eat the wood and are known as woodworm.

Lime Repair can not only fix all of the above issues, but also provide more appropriate structural and decorative solutions for your property. This will restore the balance and breathability of the building, which will avoid similar problems occurring in the future.

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