Roofing Repair

As the ‘hats’ of our properties, roofs are the most important element to keep functioning correctly. The roof protects your property from the weather and if your roof fails, your whole property can be at risk.

Lime Repair carries out both minor and major roof repairs, as well as complete re-roofing. Roofs can be finished in fired clay tiles (single, double and triple Romans), plain tiles or slate, along with the associated leadwork. 

Contact details for thatchers can be supplied if required. We are also able to design better functioning roof, gutter and lead details should this be necessary.

Cherry Barn – Lead Soakers

Cherry Barn near Bath. Improved detail where a lower pitched roof meets a taller gable.
A lead ‘cover flashing over the corner held on with lead clips.
A lead ‘cover flashing over the corner held on with lead clips.

Shepton Mallet – Roof Repair

Zion Hill, Shepton Mallet. Before roofing works. Damp reported to the wall beneath tall stone building. A cement flaunch to this junction only – no lead.
During works, existing roof (tiles, batten and felt) removed. New breathable membrane installed to keep roof timbers dry.
Roofing works complete with new lead junctions between chimney and roof and roof and gable above to prevent water ingress.

Wrantage – Roof Repair