Chimney Rebuilds & Repair

Chimneys take the brunt of our weather and still have to perform a very important function. They don’t have a roof to cast water off so the building blocks i.e. the brick or stone, and the mortar absorb all of the rain and are sometimes remain saturated for weeks on end. This is not so much of an issue until the freeze : thaw action of freezing temperatures during the winter can make the mortar and sometimes the brick ‘friable’ (crumbly).

The secret is to keep chimneys ventilated to keep them dry so they don’t become saturated. However, with modern practices of lead trays and sealed flue liners one has to be inventive to achieve this.

Lime Repair carries out works from minor repairs and re-pointing to complete rebuilds. We work in conjunction with certificated installers to fit wood burning stoves.

Orchard House – Brick Chimney Rebuild

Orchard House – Stone Chimney Rebuild

Crosscombe The Old Manor – Fireplace Repair