Chimney Rebuilds & Repair

Chimneys take the brunt of our weather and still have to perform a very important function. They don’t have a roof to cast water off so the building blocks (the brick or stone) and the mortar absorb rainwater and can sometimes remain saturated for weeks on end. This in itself is not a problem until low temperatures during winter cause the water within to freeze, which can make the mortar and sometimes the brick ‘friable’ (crumbly).

Ideally, chimneys should be constructed from ‘breathable’ (permeable) materials so that moisture is not trapped and can be released as the chimney dries out. However, with modern practices of lead trays and sealed flue liners this can be difficult to achieve.

Lime Repair carries out chimney works from minor repairs and re-pointing to complete rebuilds. We work in conjunction with certificated installers to fit wood burning stoves.

Orchard House – Brick Chimney Rebuild

The original chimney had been partially capped and did not fulfil its function.
The profile of the new chimney was improved to help cast rainwater away. The lead will be dressed over the roof.
Taking the chimney back to a solid base can be challenging.
A new lead tray is built in.
Lead work.
Dressing the lead flashings around the chimney.

Orchard House – Stone Chimney Rebuild

The original brick chimney was in poor condition.
Cracked flaunching and missing pointing mortar let rainwater in.
Repairs were needed to the roof structure before the chimney was built.
A lead tray is installed at the base of the chimney to direct rainwater away from the interior.
The chimney is constructed in stone, which was measured and cut at the quarry.
Slates are used to position the chimney pot.
The hessian wrapped around the chimney protects the new lime mortar from the weather and enables it to dry out slowly.
The completed chimney is both beautiful and functional.
The 2 drip courses help to cast away rainwater.

Crosscombe The Old Manor – Fireplace Repair

This historic fireplace had been altered to accommodate a fire surround.
The top edges of the overmantle and fireplace were built out in lime.
A new overmantle was constructed and the edge of the fireplace was rebuilt in mortar.
A new hearth was constructed in accordance with current Building Regulations.
The completed fireplace.