Projects: Barnside, Glastonbury

Barnside is a very old property, which shows evidence of being built from stone recovered from Glastonbury Abbey.  We were asked to remove the existing impermeable paint and replace it with limewash.  The work was carried out in 2 phases over 2 years.  As the building is Grade 2 Listed, we liaised with the Conservation Officer to ensure that the work complied with regulations.

The paint was removed using a specialist conservation-approved steam system, which leaves the substrate undamaged.  Fragments of original limewash were found which informed the choice of colour and was approved by the Conservation Officer.

Once the paint was removed, areas of modern cement pointing were found which also had to be removed and repointed with lime.  Lime slurry was applied to protect the stone and to even up the surface with limewash over.

As the rear gable is exposed to the prevailing weather, it was rendered with a roughcast finish and limewash applied over.

Before & After

The limewash colour was mixed to match an historic fragment found when the paint was stripped off.

Works in Progress