Roofing Repair

As the 'hats' of our properties, roofs are the most important element to keep functioning correctly. The roof protects your property from the weather and if your roof fails, your whole property can be at risk.

Lime Repair carries out both minor and major roof repairs, as well as complete re-roofing. Roofs can be finished in fired clay tiles (single, double and triple Romans), plain tiles or slate, along with the associated leadwork. Contact details for thatchers can be supplied if required. We are also able to design better functioning roof, gutter and lead details should this be necessary.

John Box replacing broken roofing tiles.
This lead flashing is worn, inadequate and needs replacing. Water is leaving the leeding edge of the lead running in to the wall and under the roof tiles.
With the lead replacement complete the rain water is directed down in to a lead tray and away from the wall and roof.
Stone tile roof with lead flashing fixed under the coping stones.
New wooden fascia board on the gable end protects the underside of the roof from driving rain.
Finished roman tile roof complete with new ridge cap, wooden fascia board and lead flashing to the sides and around the chimney stack.