Lime Repair LTD specialists in the repair of old buildings

Lime Repair is a Somerset-based company specialising in the sensitive and considered repair of historic buildings. Our services include: Lime plastering; lime rendering; lime pointing; structural repairs; chimney repairs/rebuilding; roofing; roof repairs; gutter and fascia repairs; solving damp problems; limecrete floors and traditional paints & limewashes.

Mellifont Abbey
Client: Michele & Kevin Aldrich.
Location: Wookey, Wells Somerset.

Repair joists and Decorative Plaster Cornice.

Poor roof detailing led to many years of water ingress behind this decorative stairwell ceiling and cornice.

We took down the failed structure, repaired the Joists and applied new Riven Oak Lath and Lime Plaster to the flat ceiling.

A new Solid, Lime Cornice was run 'in-situ' with a running mould.

Some original casts were removed and the layers of historic paint gently stripped before a mould was taken and the new casts applied to the Cornice.

Area prepared