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Lime Repair is a Somerset-based company specialising in the sensitive and considered repair of historic buildings. Our services include: Lime plastering; lime rendering; lime pointing; structural repairs; chimney repairs/rebuilding; roofing; roof repairs; gutter and fascia repairs; solving damp problems; limecrete floors and traditional paints & limewashes.

Lamberts Hill Farm
Client: Duncan & Claudia Christensen
Location: Pilton, Somerset

Solve damp problems on south west corner. Internal & External Lime Plasterwork Package

Lamberts Hill Farm was placed on Mendips 'Building at Risk' register.

We specified traditional lime plaster internally onto laths where it was necessary to replace like with like and lime plaster onto new stud walls clad with Wood Wool Boards and insulated with Sheep's Wool Insulation.

Underneath the hard cement render we found remnants of an earlier Roughcast (a traditional lime finish) and tried to match this as closely as possible.