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Lime Repair is a Somerset-based company specialising in the sensitive and considered repair of historic buildings. Our services include: Lime plastering; lime rendering; lime pointing; structural repairs; chimney repairs/rebuilding; roofing; roof repairs; gutter and fascia repairs; solving damp problems; limecrete floors and traditional paints & limewashes.

Batcombe Lodge - Customer Testimonial
Robert O'Farrell

Julie and her team worked on the exposed South Front of our 17th Century house (Batcombe Lodge). They stripped off many layers of ancient paint, repaired or replaced Doulting Stone cladding and then limewashed the whole. All this was done during a very wet, windy Autumn and a freezing cold Winter (2009-10). The result is really splendid. They also did a good job inside making a very damp corner of our sitting room breathable and now dry.

Batcombe Lodge Grade II Listed
Client: Robert O'Farrell & Sally Pollitzer
Location: Nr Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Solve damp problems on south west corner. Remove exterior plastic paints from Ashlar stone. Replace failed stone with new and carry out 'plastic' lime repairs to shallow areas of failed masonry. Re-point where necessary and limewash. Fix new facia and guttering.

This former hunting lodge had been suffering with damp for many years. The front elevation is west-facing and being at the head of the valley gets the best and worst of the elements.

To formalise the lodge the front elevation was clad with a Bath stone Ashlar fixed to the building with iron cramps.

The building was traditionally limewashed but latterly the application of a non-breathable paint trapped water, causing iron cramps to rust and expand damaging the surrounding masonary.

The paint was removed with a steam system, all open joints raked out and re-pointed with lime, failed masonry blocks replaced with new stone, piecing-in with stone to smaller areas of damage.

Shallow areas where the stone had blown were treated with a conservation approach.

Internally the failed cement and gypsum plasters were removed and replaced with lime plasters and breathable paints. This will allow the mass of the wall to dry out both internally and externally.